Sunday, June 19, 2011

Optifast 74 days left

Today was day 2 on Optifast.  I woke up and weighed and I am down 2 pounds from yesterday.  I also was motivated to workout on my elliptical machine for 20 minutes.  Tomorrow will be the challenge of doing my drinks at work.  I am tried and cranky so I am going to bed.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today begins day 75.  (one goal countdown at a time)  Actually, I am more than half way through the day.  I am trying not to stress over this but it sooo has to be done.  I am afraid of losing my committment and making things worse.  I keep telling myself the first day is almost done and I am doing fine.  21 days makes a habit...Just do it, every damn day, quit feeling sorry for yourself and just do it!


After tons of thinking and procrastinating I have committed to Optifast.  I have signed up to do partial formula which is 4 servings of liquid per day plus one meal.  Although, I have acquired enough of a collection to do full formula (6 servings) if I get super motivated.  I have two goals set so far, the first is August 31st (75 days).  I will be going out-of-state to visit old friends, some of whom I have not seen for many years.  The second is when I go see my brother who is in the Army for his birthday/Thanksgiving in November (154 days).  I did Optifast in December 2009 totally committed for about 10 weeks.  I did really well but ran out of money.  During the next year I put almost all of my weight loss back on.  I am currently still down 14 pounds.  I want to dig deep to finish this time so I never have to do this again.  I want to lose approximately 74 pounds.  I am hoping this new venue for expression will help make this time fun.  Is that possible? Fun?

so it begins...

I have always wanted to "journal" but never really got going.  Here I am and here I go...